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bar/bat mitzvah Photography

Your child’s bar/bat mitzva marks a special turning point in their life into adulthood that is celebrated with family from far and near. I can almost guarantee that much time and resources have been put into the planning and preparation of this event. For your convenience, I have created a package that allows for family portraits before the event, the ceremony and the party that accurately shows the joy and atmosphere of the event.

Food and Product


My years producing food and product photographs have taught me that each item has its own character and strengths and my goal as a photographer is to highlight what makes your product special, in perfect detail and lighting. The packages that I have provided will ensure that you will find the services that you are looking for in order to make your product stand out in the way that it deserves. 


The first interaction you have with a potential employer or customer is your professional portrait. Having a clean and smart headshot is essential to making yourself be distinct from the competition. I aim to provide these in a relaxed and fun enviroment through my multiple packages that’ll include professional lighting and editing.

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